Sunday, October 11, 2009

MY Wife temtations - Hot erotica story

MY Wife temtations - Hot erotica story

I have recently discovered this wonderful site and tempted to tell all the readers about my story.
I am now 58+, and my wife who is quite good looking is 55.
15 years ago I had started aafe and was doing good business, when one day a
tall gentleman walked in. He became a regular visitor and used to spend more than 2 hours visi ting all kinds of sites.
My wife used to come in the evening and give me company till I closed.
Once while I was fucking her with my 3” tool she jokingly said I wonder how big will be Mr.AK’s. AK is the gentleman. I was shocked. All thru I believed my penis is ok for her.
I said may be 7/8”, she said “oof , what pleasure will it give, if only u had even half of it”.
I immediately knew, all through our married life she was never satisfied but never said anything.
I promised to myself must do something to satisfy her.
I carefully noted the email of AK, opened a new account in the name of my wife and wrote an introductory letter to him. I said ‘I am 48 and alone as my husband is always busy, and looking for a friend for company. I saw him and liked his height and manliness.’
After that I kept watching, he was stunned.
I expected an answer and it came, he was interested, he said.
I told my wife, she was angry, but scared. I assured that since I am allowing her
Why should she care for others. I made her promise to tell me everything that will happen.
The mails kept coming, finally a day was fixed when they will meet.
She met him in front of a movie hall, he had his bike, and she had to seat on it.
It was her 1st bike ride. She sat holding him.
On the river front where they went is a secluded place.
They sat on a bench and were talking till sun set. As it became a bit dark, Ak moved his left hand over the shoulder and slowly, very slowly started massaging her shoulder. My wife did not protest. Encouraged he moved down a bit and tried to reach her boobs. Since he could not, she moved closer to him and he got there.
Slowly, he first felt, pressed, pinched them and found the nipple of the left boob which were my property. His very large palm was her favourite and she was always fascinated by them. After it became really dark he forced opened her blouse and bra and started sucking, chewing them. By now she was no only excited, she climaxed.
He knew she was hooked, he opened his fly and asked her to take out, his dick.
Excited she just grabbed and took it out. She was shocked it was just 5”. And wet and dripping cum juice. She had never sucked my penis as she felt it was dirty. AK just would not listen, he forced with all his strength and made her suck him. He even forced her to drink all the cum when he came.
She came back upset, I just told her that it not size but the love and affection accompany the fuck that is important for a couple to have a satisfying fuck.

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  1. very nice husband- i wish i had such a nice husband