Sunday, October 11, 2009

hot n erotic unforgettable tour in my life

Dear Readers, I am starting a new story once again. I do not know how you will take it. But I have tried my best to put the best of my writing to entertain you. I know if you like it you will bestow me with your suggestions be it bad or good. A teller is only motivated if he finds that his writing has attracted the attention of his friends here.
Lastly I want to dedicate the story to one of my fsi friend whose contact had motivated me to write this.
With the best of reading.

I was working in a construction company as a Project Manager. I stayed with my wife Trisha. At that time I was 36 years and she was 31. From our marriage date we used to live outside our state since my job was transferable. We had traveled a lot due to this and we had almost covered most of the part of India. I was married to her in the year 1984. Since then we were moving. I was an Engineer and joined the construction company as a junior engineer in the year 1981. Gradually I got elevated. When I married Trisha I was an Engineer. But as she joined me I promptly got the promotion in quick succession and now I was Project Manager. I knew that this was because of her who had brought me my good luck. I loved her too much. And I was very proud when my other staffs praised her for her behaviour, her way of talking, her big round eyes and her free mixing with the others. Everybody liked her beautiful smile. Her evenly poised teeth would sparkle in the light when she laughed. Here I would like to describe her. She was a real cute with big round eyes, waist length hair which were thick and full. Her boobs were round and heavy. She used to wear 36 size bra with heavy straps to hold her boobs in the right place. She had a voluptuous stomach. You could put your head there and spend the maximum time. She had thighs, which were heavy and had very pretty feet. Her ass was perfectly round and solid. The most enchanting thing to watch was when the ass bounced under her dress as she walked. Her inner picture would be revealed slowly as we would progress inside our story. Dear readers do not think that I am trying to make her extra ordinary. It is what she is. I cannot help.

We had a pretty good sex life. We enjoyed sex very much. In the bedroom we simply went wild with each other. During the night time as I used to lay on the bed waiting for her to come and slide beside me, I watched her as she combed her waist length hairs with care, applying oil on them and combed. She would wear the see through gown which revealed her figure in the fluorescent light in the room. Her thighs were visible through the gown. They had started from her knees and went up as they flared and joined at the base of her ass which formed a solid mounds on her thighs and melted at her waist. Her ass was too good to watch. It looked better when she bent down to pick up something from the floor. As she bent down at her waist the hips were flared and stretched her gown to the fullest. From the bent position I could find her pubic hairs peeking out between her thighs. I got an everlasting hard on which was a regular practice for me as I watched her every day. As she turned round to face me the lush hairy pussy was a show inside the gown. Her pussy was covered with the dense curly black pubic hairs forming from the juncture of her thighs and widening as they came up covering her abdomen in abundance and forming a perfect dense black triangle.

Inside the gown her boobs were perfect spectacle. They had pushed the gown to the maximum. Her nipples were erect as they brushed against the gown. They were deep brown with the brownish circles surrounding them. As she moved towards the bed her boobs jiggled under the gown. The bed stories were other stories, which I did not have interest to tell. My story was different than our usual one. So let us skip it and I think the readers will not mind for that.

The enjoyment in our sexual life took a dip due to the pressure mounted on me at work place. I was under tremendous pressure from my HO to complete the job well within time at almost all the projects I handled. I did not understand why the bosses were like that. I sometime felt that they did not have their own lives. They were just workaholic and they were making the others also like that. When I returned home after the days work I found her to be laying on bed. As I asked, ‘why darling? Some thing wrong with you? You’re not watching TV?’
She answered, ‘how long I’ll see the TV?’ She muttered under her breath, ‘everything has a limit.’
As I consoled her by saying, ‘this is life sweetheart. You know the pressure of the job. And you don’t want me to earn a bad name in the company.’
She looked at me with her big eyes. The glare seemed to be penetrating me right in the heart. She mocked, ‘your company must not be living on you only I think. There are others who are also looking after the sites. And I don’t think they take the things as you.’
I laughed and said, ‘hey how do you know that the others are enjoying!’
She said, ‘do you think I don’t have any contact with the wives?’
I thought of withdrawing from the debate. But this was the course I had every time I returned from the work.

One night as we two lay side by side on the bed after dinner, I was caressing her boobs. After some time I found her nipples were not erect which became unusual to me. She was having a great sex drive and a little touch at her boobs or thighs or ass sparked her intensity. But now after a good caress she was not excited.
I asked, ‘what’s wrong with you dear? Your nips are soft till now.’
She simply said closing her eyes, ‘I’ve lost my libido.’
I kept quite for some time then I moved towards her and embraced her firmly. I asked her, ‘okay my heart, just tell me the problem.’
She opened her eyes and looked deep into me, then she said, ‘Deep can you tell me when we last made love?’
Truly I could not recall. I thought for a moment and said, ‘okay pass. I couldn’t remember.’
She said, ‘so see, you also didn’t know the date. Don’t you think I’ve some requirement? With your work you’re so absorbed that you just forget to see that I’m here.’
I thought over it. It was true that now a day I did not feel the emotion of getting involved sexually. And this was certainly the work pressure. I was deeply involved in the work. My thought was broken as I heard Trisha was telling, ‘certainly my dear I don’t blame you. This is the culture of your company. They’re least bother about the family life. Until you cry for it, they’ll not give you an ear.’
I said, ‘yeah, it’s true dear. The pressure is taking me away from you. And some thing has to be done. But you know I don’t know what’s to be done.’
She kissed me on my lips and then said, ‘see you can move away from this pressure if you get detached from it.’
I was shocked to hear her. What the hell she was telling? Did she mean that I would resign? I asked her, ‘but Trisha, do you mean to say that I should resign?’
She told me calmly, ‘why I’ll tell you to resign? Get detached doesn’t mean to resign.’
I said, ‘then what it is?’
She said, ‘get leave. No body will stop you to get leave.’
I resigned and said to her, ‘okay, you’ve a point. But give me some time to think over it.’
She said, ‘I’m not in a hurry. Take your time.’
Saying this she lifted one of her leg on top of my waist and snuggled closer to me. I felt her coarse pubic hair rubbing against my prick. She hid her face in my chest and went to sleep leaving me alone to play with what she had told.

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